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Matheus Fialho Fiuza is an award winning designer. Matt thrives in epic visual collaborations. He enjoys complex creative problems that are both emotionally driven and logistically challenging. Born in Rio de Janeiro and raised in Cape Cod, he has both an outsider and insider perspective in American Culture. His creative instinct, born out of solitude, seeks to find a common language among collaborators. His work is often ephemeral, reflecting the capricious nature of truth and emotion. He prefers to look forward, and not be bound to predetermined "realities."

Matt has collaborated with leading Artists and Creative Executives in venues that range from adapted spaces, traditional theaters to international recognized theme parks. He has been featured commercially in Florida, Las Vegas and Turkey as well as in non-commercial venues, in Mexico, New Jersey and Massachusetts.  Matt’s work was featured in Young Designer’s Forum and and 2014’s Scenic Artist Showcase at USITT. The Kennedy Center Collegiate Theatre Festival has recognized Matt’s work regionally twice and Rowan University has honored Matt with their highest institutional award in the Artistic field, the Anne B. Ward Medallion for Creative Excellence.

Matt enjoys experiencing new things and spending time with his eternal supporters, his parents and friends.

Matt was the Sr. Designer for Busch Gardens Tampa Entertainment Department for 3 years and is now an Art Director for Walt Disney World.


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