Live Model Making

I have experience with the following media:



-Foam Core

-Bristol Board

-Butter Board

-Paper Machee











Proficient in Windows, Macintosh, Microsoft, Dreamweaver, Complete Adobe Suite, Vectorworks, Google Sketch-Up and Tricaster. Technical skills include: operating a Fly-by-Foy system, accomplished model maker, and drafting by hand or computer. Experienced in painting and scenic art, drawing and rendering, mold making and sculpture. Fluent in English and Portuguese; proficient in French and Spanish. Perform magic tricks.


Virtual Model Making


I work primarily with Sketch Up and Vector Works. I do have experience translating linear designs to laser cutters.




Live Rendering


I have experience with the following media:



-Water Color

-Oils and Varnishes

-Colored Pencils



-Pastels (Oil/Soft)








Digital Rendering


I have experience with the following software:


-Adobe Photoshop

-Adobe InDesign

-Adobe Illustrator

-Adobe Flash











I draft on Vectorworks and by Hand.








Graphic Design


I have experiece with local clients in developing logos, rebranding and developing visual identity. My most recent project includes the re-design of Rowan University's Department of Theatre and Dance Recruitment materials.








Scenic Art


I have experience with the following techniques:



-Wood Grainning



-Real and simulated textures


I've painted on:


-Muslin Drops












The Real Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Model piece on early stage of paint.